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Did you know?! For most certified translations, we do not need the original document. You can send us a digital copy (such as photos or scans) via email, WhastApp or in our chat feature. All original certified translation are then sent to you via Deutsche Post.


We offer professional and certified translations into and from many languages. You can comfortably configure and order your language pair and service in our Online Shop . supports many languages pairs. If a language pair is not listed, simply contact us and we will find a solution!

Translation by expertise

Translation Type Translation Editing Proofreading
Apps and Software Apps and Software 0.13 € 0.11 € 0.09 €
Business General Business General 0.12 € 0.11 € 0.09 €
Certificates Certificates 0.12 € - -
Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae 0.12 € 0.11 € 0.09 €
Finance Finance 0.13 € 0.11 € 0.09 €
Gaming and Video Games Gaming and Video Games 0.13 € 0.11 € 0.09 €
Legal Legal 0.14 € 0.12 € 0.09 €
Marketing Marketing 0.12 € 0.11 € 0.09 €
Technology and Engineering Technology and Engineering 0.14 € 0.11 € 0.09 €
Tourism Tourism 0.12 € 0.11 € 0.09 €

from price per word

Certified translation

Document type Price
Academic transcript
Certified translation of your academic transcripts for the use abroad
30.00 €
Acknowledgment of paternity
Translation of the form for acknowledging the paternity
30.00 €
Assurance of naturalization
The certified translation of your assurance of naturalization for submission abroad
30.00 €
Bank account statement
The certified translation of bank account statements provided by all banks
30.00 €
Birth certificate
The certification of birth as a certified translation
30.00 €
The certified translation of all certificates
30.00 €
Certificate of good conduct
The certified translation of your good conduct certificate
30.00 €
Certificate of naturalization
The certified translation of your confirmation of naturalization
30.00 €
Certificate of no impediment
Certified translations of your certificates
30.00 €
Certificate of registration
Official certified translation of a certificate of registration
30.00 €
Officially certified translation of your certifications
30.00 €
Confirmation of deregistration
We translate the confirmation of your deregistration of residence
30.00 €
Confirmation of registration
Certified translation of your confirmation of registration
30.00 €
Death certificate
Certified translation of a death certificate into and from a foreign language
30.00 €
Decree Absolute
Certified translation of your decree absolute
30.00 €
Decree Nisi
Translation of the preliminary certification by the court about your divorce
30.00 €
Diploma / Degree
Certified translation of your degree
30.00 €
Certified translations of diplomas
30.00 €
Divorce decree
The translation of the decree certifying the divorce
20.00 €
Driving license
Certified translation of your driving license
30.00 €
Graduation diploma
Translation of your graduation diplomas
30.00 €
Identity card
Certified translation of your identity card
30.00 €
Insurance certificate
Certified translation of your insurance certificates and documents
30.00 €
Letter of recommendation
Official translation of your letter of recommendation for all purposes
30.00 €
Loss statement
The certified translation for lost items and objects
30.00 €
Marriage certificate
The certified translation of the proof of marriage
30.00 €
Certified translation of your passport
35.00 €
Residence permit
Official translation of your residence permit
30.00 €
Salary slip
Certified translation of your salary slip or payroll
50.00 €
SCHUFA information
Certified translation of your information on liquidity
50.00 €
Tax statement
The translation of a tax statement or assessment
50.00 €
Trade register excerpt
The certified translation of a trade register excerpt
20.00 €

from price per page
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