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Certified translation

Certified translation of documents for authorities. We do certified translations for marriage certificates, birth certificates, ID cards, driver's licenses and more. Certified translations are made by court sworn translators. With their stamps the translations are valid for authorities.

Starting at 35 € (Vat included) per document page

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Source language

Target Language

Tell us in which language you want to translate and certify

Your document will be translated into the target language by officially sworn translators and can be submited to authorities. Documents such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas and application documents are often authenticated and translated.

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Document type

Which document is it?

Official spelling of your name

In the selected target language:

ℹ Please enter the official spelling of your full name in your target language. This name is important and has to be the same as in your other official documents.


  • Target language: German ➡ Enter the official German spelling of your name according to your passport/ID card/residence card/ etc… as it is written in Latin characters.
  • All other target languages ➡ Enter the official spelling of your name in the target language, for example in Cyrillic letters.

ℹ If your document contains several names (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate, …) please enter all names that are in the document. Please give us a short description for each name and separate each name with a semicolon.


  • Marriage certificate ➡ "Husband: John Smith; Wife: Jane Smith"
  • Birth certificate ➡ "Child: Catherine Smith; Father: John Smith; Mother: Jane Smith"

✅ Check the quality of your documents

We don't need your original documents for a certified translation. But it is very important , that your document is uploaded in high quality and readable.

To avoid delays, please check the quality of your document before uploading it.

Upload material

Upload your document or certificate where we should do a certified translation.

  • You can upload multiple files at once
  • Please only upload common document types such as: pdf, text, doc ...
  • We cannot automatically calculate the number of words in images, please adjust the number of words if necessary
  • Do not upload any encrypted or password-protected files

Document pages

How many pages does your original document have?

ℹ We try to count the pages in your uploaded documents. Since there can be inaccuracies with the large number of documents, we would like to ask you to always check the number of pages and adjust them, if necessary.


Do you need the certified translation outside of Germany?

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Optionally, add a briefing to your translation and let us know some peculiarity.

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