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Professional translators for English (USA). We translate, certify, interpret and proofread your texts in and from English (USA)

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Translation agency English (USA)

Translation for English (USA)

Your text will only be translated by translators for English (USA) who are experts in the needed subject to ensure that not only the meaning and context, but also the intricacies and fine details of the text are captured.

Our expertise exceeds the general know-how of translating and that is why our team for English (USA) is capable of working on subject-specific texts, for example on topics regarding economy and finance, or software development and app design.

The price for general translations in and from English (USA) starts at only €0.12 per word. Contact us – we are happy to answer your questions.

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Certified translation English (USA)

We issue certified translations for English (USA)!

Those kinds of translations are often needed for official use – this means the translation of legal documents such as birth or marriage certificates or business documents such as contracts.

Certified translations for English (USA) are issued by sworn translators who are authorized to certify that the translated document is a true and accurate representation of the original.

Our team also consists of sworn interpreters and translators for English (USA) who can issue those certified translations for you to submit to authorities and agencies in English (USA).

Interpreting English (USA)

We interpret in English (USA)!

Interpreters for English (USA) are used in situations where people of different countries and cultures meet. We act as intermediaries and communicate between two or several parties who do not speak the same language.

Our team is prepared and ready to assist you in any matter arising, whether it may be a ceremonial occasion, a speech, a negotiation or a meeting in English (USA) – you can count on us.

Even in serious matters, we are at your side. In the interpreter team of in a language there are sworn and certified interpreters by the Provincial Court of Passau, who act as court interpreters for your support in English (USA).

Proofreading English (USA)

We do editing and proofreading in English (USA)!

Both services are vital for optimizing texts and papers. Mistakes happen and you might be as careful and attentive as you can be, but still overlook something. We will check and double check your texts or translations and examine them carefully to find and correct mistakes made in grammar, style or spelling.

  • Good grammar is like personal hygiene – you can ignore it if you want, but don’t be surprised when people draw their conclusions.

Use our proofreading and editing services for English (USA) to bring out the best quality of your work.