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Travel documents

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The flight is booked, the journey is all planned out and you can’t wait for your vacation. You are ready to go – but did you think about everything?
If you are planning on visiting a foreign country and you do not speak the language, we would recommend you to inform yourself beforehand what documents might come in handy in an emergency.

Driving license

You would like to rent a car in a foreign country? Please make sure that your national driving license will suffice. In many countries outside the EU, an international driving license is needed to drive or rent a car there. However, you are also able to use a certified translation of your licence in some countries.
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In the event of illness

You have a disease or a condition that obliges you to carry a health record or some emergency instructions with you?
In such a case, we would also recommend you to get those translated by a professional. If push comes to shove, you are prepared and could save needed time.

Travelling with minors

Please note that persons under the age of 18 are obligated to have their birth certificate with them when travelling to certain countries. Therefore, it is advisable to get a certified translation of the certificate beforehand to prevent communication problems in case of an emergency. The German Foreign Office also advises to keep a consent form for the minor with you, should they travel without their parents or only with one parent. This form should state that the parent(s) or the parental authority agrees to the travel abroad.
According to the German Foreign Office, a translation of the consent form into the local language would also be recommendable.

We will translate any document you think might be important for your trip.
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