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To ensure a 100% customer satisfaction and a translation that is not only of high quality, but also fulfills the requirements of different layouts, we offer our translation skills in various file formats.

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Mobile platforms

Mobile Platforms

In the last few years, the number of smartphone users increased to over 3 billion people worldwide. This figure is likely to rise even more in the next years.
The Google Playstore for Android applications is currently available in 179 countries.
Expand your market offer and let people in other countries be a part of your products or your service. Statistics show that the translation of an application into another language can extend the reach up to 50%.
We are happy to translate your mobile application for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Supported Mobile File Formats
.xml .strings .rrc
.xml .strings .ts
.ts .webOS .resx
.md .file And many more


To create software that users all around the world can use, you not only need the translation, but also localization.
Localization means that the content of a document, an application, a website or a product is adapted to the corresponding target group. Not only the transfer of a text from one language to another is of importance here; it also includes linguistical, cultural as well as technical differences of the located target market.
Take the different spelling of „color“ for example: color is American English, while colour is British English.
Different cultures translate information differently, which does not allow a simple word-for-word translation. The task of a translator is, therefore, to create a qualitative text which can not only be read naturally, but also feels that way.
Supported File Formats:
Microsoft .NET (.resx) JAVA (.strings) GNU GetText (.po, .pot)
XUL (.strings) Chrome (.json) RoR & YAML (.yml)
Windows (.ersw, .resjson) Windows RC (.rc) Flex (.properties)
Joomla Localization (.ini) Generic .ini And many more


The translation of documents is probably one of the most important tasks for a translation service. Thanks to a professional and skilled translation of various document types, costs for revisions and editing can be reduced.
Furthermore, you do not have to waste your time with annoying conversions into other file formats.
Supported File Formats
Oasis (.xliff .xml) HTML (.htm .html .xhtml .xht) Plain Text (.txt)
Open Doc (.odt .ott .ods .ots odg .otg odp .otp) CSV (.csv) Microsoft Office (.docx .dotx .xlsx .xltx .pptx .potx)
FrameMaker (.mif) Adobe InDesign (.idml) PDF Files (.pdf)
Localization Files (.po .mo) PHP Files (.php) and more...
Graphic files

Graphic Files

We will translate the source material in graphic formats. No matter if this is an illustration, a photo, a screenshot or a banner – you are at the right place.
Here is a list of all supported image file formats.
Supported File Formats
.jpg .jpeg .png .gif
.bmp .eps .tiff .tif
.svg .psd And many more

Additional Formats

We gladly translate your projects in these additional formats
Additional Supported File Formats
YouTube Subtitles (.svb) SubRip (.srt) Installer File

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We are happy to talk to you about further formatting files, data files or any other type of requirement or suggestion you might have. We will find a solution to adjust your project in the best possible way.

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