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Specialized translation

Professional translation of your texts. We can translate your website, marketing texts, finance and business texts, software & apps and much more.

Starting with 0,12 € per Word

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Certified translation

Certified translation of documents for authorities. We do certified translations for marriage certificates, birth certificates, ID cards, driver's licenses and more. Certified translations are made by court sworn translators. With their stamps the translations are valid for authorities.

Starting at 35 € (Vat included) per document page

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We provide consecutive interpreting , simultaneous interpreting and court interpreters (publicly appointed and sworn interpreters). We need a lead time of 3-5 working days for your appointment

Starting at 85 € per hour (Vat excluded), based on of interpreters according to JVEG

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we need a lead time of 3-5 working days for your appointment


We do proofreading of your texts or your already completed translation.

Starting at 0,05 € (Vat included) per word

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Get more out of your text with our editing service. In addition to proofreading, editing also pays attention to the expression, the writing style and readability of your texts. Of course, we also check spelling, punctuation and grammar during editing.

Starting at 0,06 € (Vat included) per word

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